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Thomson, John,19th cent,publisher., Roger S. Baskes Collection (Newberry Library)ICN
Relief shown pictorially., Greenwich meridian., Shows boundaries, rivers, deserts, caravan routes, and principal settlements, with unexplored areas., Tooley, R.V. Maps of Africa,, Forms part of the Roger S. Baskes Collection at the Newberry Library.
Africa, plate Ist. The northwest part / examined and revised by Mr. Bolton -- Africa, plate II. The northeast part -- Africa, plate IIId. The southwest part -- Africa, plate IV. The southeast part., performed by the Sr. Danville under the patronage of the Duke of Orleans ; revised and improved by Mr ...
Seutter, Matthaeus,1678-1756.
Relief shown pictorially., "Cum gratia et privil. S.R.I. Vicari atg., in partibg. Rheni, Suevice, et juris Franconici.", Has watermark., Includes ornamental cartouche and text., Similar to Tooley, R.V. Guide to maps of Africa,
Speed, John,1552-1629.aut(FrPBN)12735667, Fumble, G.,17..-17..?aut(FrPBN)15136044, Goos, Abraham,1590?-1643.aut(FrPBN)15324730
Dans l'encadrement supérieur, 8 petits cartouches gravés contenant des plans et vues de : Tanger, Ceuta, Alger, Tunis, Alexandrie, Alcair, Mozambique, Canaries., De chaque côté de la carte, personnages représentant des types des différentes régions., Fol. 5 de : A Prospect of the most famous ...
Imperfect; wanting the views of towns at the top of the map., Map of African continent with the Arabian peninsula marked with double coloured borders. Depiction of monsters, piranhas and ships at the sea. This ‘carte - a - figures’ contain 3 pannels of vignette; the pannel depicts panoramic view ...