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authore Joh. Henrico Hottingero., In Latin with Greek and Arabic words., Library copy leather-bound., Includes bibliographical references.
ad optimorum codicum fidem edita ex Museo Abrahami Hinckelmanni, D., In Arabic, with t.p. in Latin.
Known as Flores astrologiae., Probably an abridgment of De magnis coniunctionibus, translated by Joannes Hispalensis from the author's Kitāb aḥkām sinī al-mawālīd and other of his works. Cf. Sarton's An introd. to the history of science, I, p. 568; II, p. 170; and Enzyk. d. Islam.
Reissued in the same year, with new material at front and back., Completed by the author's "Grammatica, quattuor linguarum" and "Promtuarium.", Printer's device on t.p.; initials; ornaments., Signatures: [*]⁴ **² A-3Y⁴ 3Z²., Indexes: p. 532-448 [i.e. 548].
ex Arabico idiomate in Latinum translatus, a Victorio Scialac Accurensi & Gabriele Sionita Edeniensi., Arabic and Latin., Title vignette (arms of France), Latin and Arabic text in parallel columns with double line border (black printed, red hand-drawn), Bancroft BS315.A6.P8 1614: Association: F ...
attribvito a'Machometo Bagdedino. Mandato in luce la prima volta da m. Giovanni Dee da Londra, e da M. Federico Commandino da Vrbino. Con vn breue trattato intorno all stessa materia del medesimo M. Federico. Tradotti di latino in volgare da Fuluio Viani de'Malatesti da Montefiore academico vrbinate ...
First title in Arabic characters., Text in Arabic only; marginal annotations in Arabic and Latin.
العارف باللله أبي الحسن: بكري, ورق: لونه فاتح، سميك وبه سلسلة خطوط افقية : بعض التقطيع: بدون حدود
تأليف: يوسف البادي, ورق: لونه فاتح: سميك وبه خطوط ذات سلسلة أفقية