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ecrite par L. P. Ioseph du Cros ..., Running title: Histoire du siege de Candie.
par le r.p. Iaques Goujon, Religieux de l'Observance de S. François ... Ouvrage enrichi de plusieurs figures en taille douce.
scritta dal dottor Gio. Battista Birago Avrogadro., Includes bibliographical references (p. [448]) and index.
Title vignette (printer's mark); head and tail pieces; initials., First published in Rome in 1587? cf. Dedication (p. [3]-[6]) and Brunet, Manuel du libraire, v. 3 (1862) col. 1734.
Compvesta por el sabio alcaide Abvlcacim Tarif Abentarique, de nacion arabe. Nvevamente tradvzida de la lengua arabiga por Miguel de Luna., On t. p., device of Gabriel de León., p. [5], coat of arms of Don Pedro Pacheco Girón, to whom the edition is dedicated by the publisher., The second part ha ...
A Valentino Lublino Polono, medicis posteritatíque eorum fideliter communicata ., Printer's device with motto "Nulla sine laborem est virtus" on t.p., Woodcut initials., Includes index.
Includes index., recently converted into a Latin loan. Performer Florian., Translation of: The Descriptive of Africa, first published Venice, 1550 in: Nauigation and Travel, volume 1, compiled by Giovanni Battista Ramusio.
Reissued in the same year, with new material at front and back., Completed by the author's "Grammatica, quattuor linguarum" and "Promtuarium.", Printer's device on t.p.; initials; ornaments., Signatures: [*]⁴ **² A-3Y⁴ 3Z²., Indexes: p. 532-448 [i.e. 548].