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Bacon's Geographical Estabt.
Relief shown by hachures and spot heights., Shows roads, settlements, geology, wadis, ., Includes: Inset map and "Sections to show the geological constitution of the Peninsula of Arabia.", ALKURBI(Maps 128), Location: Heritage Collection, CallNumber: G7520 1878 D6, Print Map
Coronelli, Vincenzo,1650-1718., Foscarini, Michele,1632-1692., Coronelli, Vincenzo,1650-1718.Atlante veneto.
Relief shown pictorially., "Dedicata all'. illmo. et eccmo. sig. Michele Foscarini, sauio grande e storigrafo della seren. Rep. di Venetia.", Appears in the author's Atlante veneto. In Venetia, 1695., Inset: Origine, e corso del Nilo, descrito secondo l'osseruationi dè passati geografi., Phillips
Mercator, Gerhard,1512-1594.
Relief shown pictorially., The map covers the east and central Arabia. South Arabia is partly shown. It depicts the legendary empire of christian King Prester John. Scale: Milliarum Germanicor, 75
Mercator, Gerhard,1512-1594., Hondius, Jodocus,1563-1612.
This is a beautiful engraved map of Eastern Africa showing the legendary Kingdom of Prester John, who is said that he was ready to help the Crusaders in their campaign against Muslims. An interesting mistake depicting the deformation of lake Tanganyika and lake Victoria Being very small. The number ...
Arrowsmith, John,1790-1873.
Hand color map, with colored boundaries. Showing regions, place names, rivers, etc. Includes notes. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridian is Greenwich. Note Hand color map, with colored boundaries. Showing regions, place names, rivers, etc. Includes notes. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridi ...
Valegio, Francesco.
Titel oben Mitte., Bird’s view plan showing town of Aden in Yemen. The plan shows ships anchored and the town surrounded by mountains.
Valck, Gerard., Schenk, Pieter.
W oben. - Titelkartusche unten rechts., ALKURBI(Maps 128)
Münster, Sebastian,1489-1552.
Relief shown pictorially., Mapmakers of the sixteenth century and their maps,, From his "Cosmographia.", Shows the Nile River delta and northwestern portion of the Sinai Peninsula., Printed from woodcut., From the collection of Louis Karpinski., Pictorial presentation of the river Nile in Egypt. Sin ...
Ortelius, Abraham,1527-1598.
Gorgeous example of Ortelius' two sheet map of Egypt, extending from the Cataracts to the source of the Nile. This remarkable two sheet map first appeared in 1584 and was replaced by a single sheet map in the 1587 French edition. However, in 1592, the map was re-issued in an edition of only 525 co ...
Lizars, Daniel,1760-1812., John Hamilton (Firm), Whittaker, Treacher and Co., David Rumsey Collection., Cartography Associates.
Relief shown pictorially and by hachures., Scanned raster images of original: 2 maps on 4 sheets : hand col. ; 37 x 83 cm., Original in the David Rumsey Collection; scanned by Cartography Associates., Norwich, O.I. Norwich's maps of Africa (2nd ed.),