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Enrichie de plans levez par l'auteur sur les lieux & des figures de tout ce qu'il y a de plus remarkable dans cette ville, presentée au roy.
le tout recuilly par le S.D.C., Signatures: ©Đ⁴ ²©Đ⁴ ð̀ư⁴ ♯♭⁴ A-Bbb⁴ ²A-²D⁴ ²E² a-f⁴ ²a-²c⁴ ²d² ³A-F⁴ (♯♭4, ²E2, and ²d2 blank)., Includes index., Each part has separate title.
Commentary on the Islamic alchemist Geber (Jābir ibn Hayyān) by Giovanni Braccesco, alchemist and physician from Brescia. The Esposition is arranged as a dialogue between instructor and student on how to guard against infirmities of the "humid radical." Also included is Braccesco's "Legna della ...
Lowth, Emma Caroline.
From the library of Paola & Bertrand Lazard
The 'Rålamb Costume Book' is a small volume containing 121 miniatures in Indian ink with gouache and some gilding, displaying Turkish officials, occupations and folk types., They were acquired in Constantinople in 1657-58 by Claes Rålamb who led a Swedish embassy to the Sublime Porte, and arrived ...