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Enrichie de plans levez par l'auteur sur les lieux & des figures de tout ce qu'il y a de plus remarkable dans cette ville, presentée au roy.
di Gio. Thomaso Minadoi da Rouigo, diuisa in libri noue. Dall' istesso nuouamente riformata, & aggiuntiui i successi dell' anno M. D. LXXXVI. Con vna descrittione di tutte le cose pertinenti alla religione, alle forze, al gouerno, & al paese del regno de Persiani, et vna lettera all' ill. re ...
authore Joh. Henrico Hottingero., In Latin with Greek and Arabic words., Library copy leather-bound., Includes bibliographical references.
le tout recuilly par le S.D.C., Signatures: ©Đ⁴ ²©Đ⁴ ð̀ư⁴ ♯♭⁴ A-Bbb⁴ ²A-²D⁴ ²E² a-f⁴ ²a-²c⁴ ²d² ³A-F⁴ (♯♭4, ²E2, and ²d2 blank)., Includes index., Each part has separate title.
Reissued in the same year, with new material at front and back., Completed by the author's "Grammatica, quattuor linguarum" and "Promtuarium.", Printer's device on t.p.; initials; ornaments., Signatures: [*]⁴ **² A-3Y⁴ 3Z²., Indexes: p. 532-448 [i.e. 548].
Commentary on the Islamic alchemist Geber (Jābir ibn Hayyān) by Giovanni Braccesco, alchemist and physician from Brescia. The Esposition is arranged as a dialogue between instructor and student on how to guard against infirmities of the "humid radical." Also included is Braccesco's "Legna della ...
ad optimorum codicum fidem edita ex Museo Abrahami Hinckelmanni, D., In Arabic, with t.p. in Latin.
Lowth, Emma Caroline.
From the library of Paola & Bertrand Lazard