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authore Joh. Henrico Hottingero., In Latin with Greek and Arabic words., Library copy leather-bound., Includes bibliographical references.
à Iacobo Kœbelio facilioribus formulis nuper aucta, longéque euidentior edita ; cui accessit Isagogicon in astrologoam iudiciaram., First published in 1532.
Nunc primum editae è bibliotheca Georgii Hieronymi Velschii cujus accedit dissertatio, de earundem usu., Includes indexes., Added engraved t.-p., Signatures: 1 uns. ., )(³, )()(⁴, A-T⁴, V².
del Signor Girolamo Gratiani ... con gli argomenti del Signor Flaminio Calvi., Title vignette (device of the Duke of Modena?), The "argomento" preceding each canto is within ornamental border., First ed.
ad optimorum codicum fidem edita ex Museo Abrahami Hinckelmanni, D., In Arabic, with t.p. in Latin.
Lowth, Emma Caroline.
From the library of Paola & Bertrand Lazard
This edition contains an apothecary's manual, which was the most popular handbook of drugs in medieval Europe; and an incomplete manual of special therapeutics., Works by Arabic author Ibn Māsawayh were ordinarily issued in Latin translation as by Jean Mesue or Mesue Major., The life of Mesue and D ...