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di Gio. Thomaso Minadoi da Rouigo, diuisa in libri noue. Dall' istesso nuouamente riformata, & aggiuntiui i successi dell' anno M. D. LXXXVI. Con vna descrittione di tutte le cose pertinenti alla religione, alle forze, al gouerno, & al paese del regno de Persiani, et vna lettera all' ill. re ...
authore Joh. Henrico Hottingero., In Latin with Greek and Arabic words., Library copy leather-bound., Includes bibliographical references.
Reissued in the same year, with new material at front and back., Completed by the author's "Grammatica, quattuor linguarum" and "Promtuarium.", Printer's device on t.p.; initials; ornaments., Signatures: [*]⁴ **² A-3Y⁴ 3Z²., Indexes: p. 532-448 [i.e. 548].
nunc primum, ex antiquissimis codicibus manuscriptis in lucem editi, à Thoma Erpenio, qui & versionem Latinam adjecit., Colophon reads: Lugduni Batavorum. Ex Typographia Sauariana MDCXIIII Excudebat Stephanus Paulinus., Title in Syriac and Latin; Syriac and Latin text in parallel columns; prefa ...
ad optimorum codicum fidem edita ex Museo Abrahami Hinckelmanni, D., In Arabic, with t.p. in Latin.
Title from caption and 1st sentence of text on verso of 1st leaf., Author's name, "Petru de Alyaco," from verso of leaf a1., Publication statement from Goff., Signatures: pi⁶ a-k⁸ l⁴ 2a-2i⁸ 2k¹⁰ (pi1 recto, a1 recto, pi6, and 2k10 blank)., In addition to the Imago mundi, contains other as ...
The author of this book is believed to be the 13th century alchemist referred to as Pseudo-Geber whose real name was probably Paul of Taranto, a Franciscan scholar from Southern Italy, not Jābir ibn Ḥayyān, the 8th century Arab alchemist and father of Arab chemistry. Cf. Newman.
accedit de regn. Algeriano atque Tunetano. Commentarius., Illustrated title, head pieces, and initials., Goldsmid, v.3, p. 64., Contains index.