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The 'Rålamb Costume Book' is a small volume containing 121 miniatures in Indian ink with gouache and some gilding, displaying Turkish officials, occupations and folk types., They were acquired in Constantinople in 1657-58 by Claes Rålamb who led a Swedish embassy to the Sublime Porte, and arrived ...
par le r.p. Iaques Goujon, Religieux de l'Observance de S. François ... Ouvrage enrichi de plusieurs figures en taille douce.
Includes index., recently converted into a Latin loan. Performer Florian., Translation of: The Descriptive of Africa, first published Venice, 1550 in: Nauigation and Travel, volume 1, compiled by Giovanni Battista Ramusio.
Auctore R.P.F. Bonaventura Brocardo Monacho ... restitutore ... Philippo Bosquiero Caesarimontano ... Visere te loca sacra vetat vis Turcica (Lector?) at dat Brocardus cuncta videnda domi.
le tout recuilly par le S.D.C., Signatures: ©Đ⁴ ²©Đ⁴ ð̀ư⁴ ♯♭⁴ A-Bbb⁴ ²A-²D⁴ ²E² a-f⁴ ²a-²c⁴ ²d² ³A-F⁴ (♯♭4, ²E2, and ²d2 blank)., Includes index., Each part has separate title.
"Par ordre exprès de Sa Majesté.", Title vignette; headpieces; initials., Includes index., Running title: Second voyage de Siam.