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A brass celestial globe, signed by al-Iskanderani, India, 19th century of spherical form, the globe with engraved markings and astrological symbols, set in a four-legged stand with foliate motifs and markings incised around the rim 16cm. height with stand 10.5cm. diam. of globe, Main Heritage Vault, ...
The seamless cast sphere engraved with graduations of the ecliptic numbered in 30 intervals, every degree indicated by a solid line, engraved with names of the Zodiac in cursive script, the scaled horizon ring supported by four facetted feet on circular base, the stand associated 7in (17,9 cm) high. ...
Main Heritage Vault, 3-D Object, Item-ID: i23182416, BIB-ID: 2483817
Marsil, Muhammad Ibn al
Main Heritage Display General, QB85 .M37 1816, 3-D Object, Item-ID: i23415885, BIB-ID: 2502070
London, 1829., In original fish skin case with celestial interiors, Pocket globe, Terrestrial pocket globe by Lane with celetial showed in its inside case.The instrument is housed in its original case.Lane’s Improved Globe. London.1829., Main Heritage Vault, HC.GL.00029, 3-D Object, Item-ID: i2445 ...
Smol desk globe (17 cm high) mounted on mahogany brass stand.Malby’s terrestrial globe. Compiled from the latest and most authentic sources. G. Philip & Son,fleet st.,London., Main Heritage Vault, HC.GL.00008, 3-D Object, Item-ID: i25408550, BIB-ID: 2710633
Cushee, al
Pocket globe in fish skin covered wood case with two brass hook-and-eye clasps. 12 hand-colored copper-engraved goes with 2 polar callotes over papier maché and palster, by R. Cushee., California as an island, Main Heritage Vault, 3-D Object, Item-ID: i22870118, BIB-ID: 2429038
Pocket globe in original wooden case, Main Heritage Display General, HC.GL.00007, 3-D Object, Item-ID: i24506771, BIB-ID: 2622250
Smith & Son (Firm)et al
Smith & Son, circa 1880 the cartouche reading SMITH'S TERRESTRIAL GLOBE Containing all the MOST RECENT DISCOVERIES. LONDON. SMITH & SON, 63 CHARING CROSS, made up of 12 hand-coloured gores, the equatorial graduated in degrees 0°-180°-0° and hours XII-I-XII, the ecliptic graduated in days ...
Bauer, Carl (cartographer.)et al
Miniature terrestrial globe in card box, with accordion book attached to inside of box, consisting of 28 hand colored engraved figures of people from around the world. A few small dents, and chips, some brown spots and wear to varnish., Carl Bauer., Main Heritage Display General, 3-D Object, Item-ID ...